Sunday, 17 January, 2021

Life of institute

  • In 2012, the Institute of Seismology of conducting scientific work on the following programs:
  • Scientific and technical support for seismic safety, short-term prediction of strong earthquakes and study effects seysmoobuslovlennyh factors (Grant)
  • Study the logical manifestation of strong and destructive earthquakes of natural and man-made to forecast and reduce the damage caused by them in the Republic of Kazakhstan (performance-oriented)
  • Development of seismic zoning maps the territory of Almaty at the new methodological basis (performance-oriented)


  • Meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on earthquake prediction. Issuance of medium-term forecast for the first half of 2012 (01/25/2012)
  • Employee participation Lee AN, RK Sadyrova and JN Oralova during a meeting of heads of scientific organizations "Kazakhstan Open Library" on the initiative of public fund «WikiBilim» with the support of the Committee of Science MES (08.02.2012)
  • A meeting of the Academic Council of LLP "IP" (02.28.2012)
  • Director engaged Abakanova T. in a round table organized by the DES, Almaty Topic: discussion seismic hazard assessment in the city of Almaty and the scope of the project "Model of the earthquake in Central Asia" (01.03.2012)
  • Director engaged Abakanova T. in a round table organized by the NIA and the Republic of Kazakhstan on the reform of the system of technical regulation in the construction industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan (03.02.2012)
  • Festive events dedicated to the International Women's Day (07.03.2012)
  • Festive events dedicated to the holiday Nowruz (20.03.2012)
  • Billiards tournament held among the staff of the Institute (03.20.2012)