Monday, 30 November, 2020


Laboratory engineering seismology and seismic structures

Head of the Laboratory Academic NANS RK,  Prof.

Abakanov T.



Laboratory technogenic seismicity

Head of the Laboratory.Corresponding member of NANS  RK

Lee A. N.




Laboratory of Regional seismicity

Head of the Laboratory - Dr.

Sadykova A.B.




Physics Laboratory geodynamic and seismic processes

Head of Laboratory Academician of the NAS RK, prof.

Kurskeev A.K.




Laboratory of structural geophysics

Head of Laboratory - Dr.

Stepanenko N.P.




Laboratory of hydrogeodynamics

Head of Laboratory – Prof.

Abdullaev A.U.




Laboratory of seismobiology

Head of Laboratory – Dr.

Serazetdinova B.Z.




Integrated Laboratory of Earthquake Prediction

Head of Laboratory - Dr.

Belosludtsev O.M.





Laboratory of Geo-Space Communications and Information Technology

Head of the Laboratory

Ashirov B.M.