Sunday, 17 January, 2021


Services offered at the expense of the customer:


· Mapping of seismic zoning of varying detail for Kazakhstan area and separate regions;

· Mapping of seismic zoning of varying detail for  oil and gas fields;

· Seismic monitoring on the oil and gas fields to forecast technological earthquakes;

· Mapping of seismic zoning for cities and settlements;

· Evaluation of seismic hazard and risk in seismically active  areas;

· The development of regulations for seismic hazard assessment;

· The development of information system for the control and reduction of seismic risk of damage from earthquakes;

· Training on management of seismic risk;

· The development of integrated programs (projects) for geodynamic monitoring of oil and gas deposits, especially critical objects;

· Technical inspection of buildings (structures) in terms of their seismic resistance, with appropriate conclusions.